BISA Bylaws

Association Bylaws

Bylaws of Burleson Independent Soccer Association (Revised September 2020). The name of this Association is the Burleson Independent Soccer Association, which here in after referred to as the “Association” or “BISA”. This Association is located in Burleson, Texas. The object of BISA is to carry out the business of soccer set forth by the North Texas State Soccer Association.

Registration Policies

Administrative Policies

Burleson Independent Soccer Association (BISA) is an organization meant to provide an opportunity for Burleson Area youth to play the game of soccer at a recreational level. The BISA Board and Coaches have absolute control (within the extent of scheduling restrictions) as to selection of practice times, locations, and days.

BISA Policies and Procedures

Administrative Policies

General policies and procedures of the Burleson Independent Soccer Association. The seasonal year of this Association shall begin on June l and end on May 31 of the following calendar year.

BISA Parent / Guardian Code of Conduct

Administrative Policies

Children's sports are supposed to be fun – for the children. Unfortunately, many parents, fans and coaches don't realize that their actions, whether verbal or nonverbal, can have a lasting emotional effect on children. Too many children are leaving sports activities because the fun is unfairly taken away by adults.

BISA U4 Modified Rules

Playing Rules

U4 does not play for standing and no scores are kept during the game. Participation trophies for all players will be awarded near the end of the season.

BISA U5-U8 Modified Rules

Playing Rules

The U5 – U8 age group will not play for standings or trophies. The U5 – U8 soccer player is learning how to touch the ball with all areas of the foot, dynamics of team play, and spatial perception. Teaching individual growth of the player and how the player interacts with their team is the top priority at this age. BISA discourages coaching in an attempt to win games at the U5 – U8 level, as this hinders the learning environment at this age.

BISA U9 and Above Modified Playing Rules

Playing Rules

Deliberate heading of the ball is not allowed in the U9 – U12 age groups. Punting is not allowed in the U9/U10 age groups. Drop-kick punts are also not allowed. In the U9/U10 age groups, defending players must move behind the build out line when the goalkeeper gains possession of the ball. Defending players may cross the buildout line when the ball is put back into play. The goalkeeper does not have to wait for defenders to move being the buildout line and may quick play if they wish.

Modified Rules for Adult Soccer

Playing Rules

BISA’s Adult League Coed program is a recreational program intended to provide a social league that promotes enjoyment of the game and good sportsmanship. BISA uses FIFA’s Laws of the Game as they are written with the exception of those differences noted below. It is the responsibility of the player to be familiar with these Laws.

Each player is also responsible for understanding that BISA uses a Cumulative Card System which can be found on BISA’s website. By signing up to play, each player agrees to abide by BISA’s code of conduct, BISA’s Modified Playing Rules, FIFA Laws of the Game, and understands the consequences of the Cumulative Card System.