2022-09-29 Announcements

No Pets at the BISA complex

NO DOGS are allowed at the Bartlett Complex or the Dobson Facility. ... Read The Rest
2022-09-28 Announcements

Agenda - BISA Monthly Meeting 10-4-2022

Burleson Independent Soccer Association Monthly Meeting Agenda 10/4/2022 @ 8:15 p.m. via Google Meet     1.     Roll Call 2.      Introduction of Visitors 3.  Approval of previous meeting minutes: 9/6/2022 Monthly Meeting & 9/27/2022 Special meeting 4. Officer reports 5. New Business             A. Service Dog Clarification (Paul)             B. Dobson Repair (Matt)             C. Board Member on Duty duties & decorum (Paul)             D. Spring Season 2023 at Dobson Planning (Daniel & Matt)   6. Old Business             A.   Valve repair at Dobson/water bill reimbursement (Coby)             B. Tournament of Champions-Deadline October 19th (Daniel)... Read The Rest
2022-09-28 Announcements

Team Pictures

BISA Team Pictures will be October 10-16. Contact your coach for more details ... Read The Rest
2022-09-28 Announcements

BISA First Quarter Update

Dear valued B.I.S.A. member,  We have reached the end of the first quarter as August 31st, 2022. To keep all our members as informed as possible, I will be sending out quarterly updates. We are very excited to announce that our board of directors has significantly grown since June. Phillip Shelton has joined our team as the Coaching/tournament director, Matt Quinn has agreed to serve as our Field director, Ginger Mayfield has filled our younger girls commission role, Therese Begole has come on as our younger boy’s commissioner, and Myrna Macias is our new older boy’s commissioner. This new group... Read The Rest
2022-09-26 Announcements

BISA Zero Tolerance Policy

BISA Zero Tolerance Policy, Referee Policies Effective immediately. The following referee policies will be followed by all soccer referees at all outdoor soccer matches officiated at BISA soccer fields. BISA Zero Tolerance All persons responsible for a team and spectators (coach, assistants, and team managers) shall support the referee team. Failure to do so will undermine the referee’s authority and potentially create a hostile environment for the players, the referees, and all other participants and spectators. Consequently, the following policy is effective immediately: NO SPECTATOR IS TO ADDRESS THE CENTER OR ASSISTANT REFEREE DURING THE MATCH FOR ANY REASON!!! During... Read The Rest