2023-03-08 Announcements

March Board of Directors Meeting Via Google Meets

BISA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting agenda

Tuesday March 21, 2023 – 8:15 pm via Google Meets


1.       Roll Call

2.       Approval of previous meeting minutes; 2/7/2023 Monthly Meeting and 2/28/2023

3.       Officer reports (2 minutes each)

4.       New Business

A.  3rd Quarter Budget (Coby)

B.  Medals needed (Paul)

C.  Elections (Joel)

D.  BMOD Schedule (if we have game schedules)




5.       Old Business

A.      Dobson update (Daniel)

B.      Midnight Madness Tournament 2023 (Phillip)

C.      Concession Stand Rekey Update (Coby)

D.     Taxes (Coby)

E.      Bank Account Consolidation Update (Coby)

F.      Bids for FY2023 (Daniel)



6.       General Public input