2022-09-26 Announcements

BISA Zero Tolerance Policy

BISA Zero Tolerance Policy, Referee Policies Effective immediately. The following referee policies will be followed by all soccer referees at all outdoor soccer matches officiated at BISA soccer fields. BISA Zero Tolerance All persons responsible for a team and spectators (coach, assistants, and team managers) shall support the referee team. Failure to do so will undermine the referee’s authority and potentially create a hostile environment for the players, the referees, and all other participants and spectators. Consequently, the following policy is effective immediately: NO SPECTATOR IS TO ADDRESS THE CENTER OR ASSISTANT REFEREE DURING THE MATCH FOR ANY REASON!!! During the Match the Team Captain or Coach may address the referee for: Responding to a referee who initiates communication, Requesting a substitution, Pointing out emergencies or safety issues, At half-time or at the end of a match. A coach may ask a referee to explain a rule(s) or a call in a polite and constructive manner. HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO DEBATE! ABSOLUTELY NO SARCASM, HARASSMENT, OR INTIMIDATION! If a coach feels that there were concerns that need to be addressed about a referee the coach should complete BISA’s referee feedback form or contact the Referee Director. Penalties for Coaches/Managers of Team: 1st Minor infraction - Referee shall give verbal warning, 2nd Minor infraction - Caution, 3rd Minor infraction - Dismissal.  1st Serious infraction - Caution or Dismissal depending on seriousness of infraction. (Dissent=Caution; Offensive, insulting, abusive = Dismissal) Note: It is important to remember that the seriousness of the infraction is solely the opinion of the referee responsible for the match. There is no questioning of a Caution or Dismissal at the field, to the officiating crew, or any Board Member. The only avenue for appeal is a properly constituted Appeals and Disciplinary hearing conducted according to the By-Laws.