2023-05-03 Announcements

Agenda for BISA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday May 9th at 8:15 p.m. Via Google Meets

1.       Roll Call

2.       Approval of previous meeting minutes; Monthly 4/11/2023 & emergency

3.       Officer reports (2 minutes each)

4.       New Business

A.      Concessions Contract 2023-2024

B.      Awards Vendor 2023-2024

C.      Sparta Agreement for 2023-2024

D.   Field Maintenance Vendor 2023-2024

E.   Photography Vendor 2023-2024

F.  NTSSA Proposed player fees increase; Rec player $14.50 to $16.50  Competitive player $18.50 to $20.50, & Adult $22.00 to $23.00.

G. Dobson Schedule for remaining of the season

H. Fall Advertising – Facebook & Fourth of July parade.

I. Fiscal Year Budget

J. Registration price for Fall 2023

5.       Old Business

A.      NTSSA Spring Fees

B.      Elections (Joel) We need to know who to put on ballot – cut off May 13

C.      Midnight Madness Tournament Update

D.      Taxes (Coby)

E.       NTSSA AGM – we need to decide who is going – Paul for sure.


6.       General public Input