Soccer Registration

Schedules are posted

U4-U8 -

U9 and above (MPA) -

Adult Recreational

Late registration will be allowed at a prorated amount throughout the season. Teams will be formed and new players with no team preference drafted. Managers will be given rosters and contacting players after the adult player draft. Schedules will not be posted until the Monday before the season starts.

Season start date will be released near the end of August.

If you are interested in starting a team, please contact a board member for further assistance. If you wish to play on a specific team, please enter the team name when registering, or you can leave this question blank, and you will be drafted onto a team.

BISA Adult Soccer League is a recreational co-ed, non-competitive league, allowing novice to experts to play together and enjoy the sport. The adult games are played on Sundays, usually between the hours of 12PM - 6PM.

Your registration fees will be applied to operating expenses such as field maintenance and insurance.

Referee fees and team jersey are not included in registration fees.

For questions or to register after regular registration has been closed please contact a board member for further assistance.

There are a few things to remember:

** Please remember PETS (all) are not allowed on or near the fields, only outside the fenced parking area. Managers, please remind players. Players please remind family and friends.
** Smoking (including vaping) is not allowed on, or near, the fields, only outside the fenced parking area. Managers, please remind players. Players, please remind family and friends.
** And last, remember to make sure the benches are clean of any trash or debris when your game is over.

Returning Players

If you are a returning player wanting to return to your team, be sure to register on time and mark "return to previous team" when completing the registration steps.

Team Assignments

Your coach will receive their team assignments at the coaches meeting, you will hear from them after that date.

Special Requests

Parents may request their child to play with a sibling. Parents may also request their child to play up one age level. Players cannot play down an age group.  Parents may not request their player be added to a specific team or to be with a specific coach.

Age Verification

BISA is required to keep a copy of each players state certified birth certificate (not hospital) or other government issued documentation showing birth date for a player to be added to a team. If the player was born in Texas a copy can be requested from the county courthouse.

Refund Policy

Burleson Independent Soccer Association (BISA) is an organization meant to provide an opportunity for Burleson Area youth to play the game of soccer at a recreational level.

The BISA Board and Coaches have absolute control (within the extent of scheduling restrictions) as to selection of practice times, locations, and days. Youth are typically assigned to teams, uniforms purchased, and field insurance secured weeks in advance of practice and game field scheduling.

All refunds will only be considered if they are requested due to one of the following reasons:
1. The player cannot be placed upon a team due to lack of volunteers, coaches, or players prior to the start of the season.
2. The player cannot play due to a medical reason; a physician's note must accompany the refund request.


BISA may refund only 90% of your registration fee prior to being placed or drafted on a team, only 50% may be refunded after being placed or drafted on a team prior to the first game of the season, no refund after the season starts. BISA will not refund any online processing, uniform or late fees.


*********All refund requests must be presented in person, at the monthly board meetings on the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of each month. Locations and times will be posted with the agenda on our website.************

BISA will not be refunding any players due to overscheduling or changing their minds.

Returned Check Policy

All checks returned to BISA as uncollected will be charged an additional $30 per check. Subsequent payments must be made with credit card or money order. Players will not be placed on a team until settled.