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How to Become a Referee

Referee certification is managed by North Texas State Soccer Association. Please see or contact a board member for more information.

Officials Management Systems

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Coach/Spectator Issue Form

You may print out this form, complete, and leave inside the referee shack if you would like to give feedback on a coach or a spectator at a game.


BISA Referee Concerns Policy


As with any soccer match, there may be concerns about the referee crew that officiated the match. Per North Texas By-laws (3.13.1), the only 2 situations that can result in a protest of the game are: 1. A team knowingly plays an unregistered, ineligible, or suspended player; or 2. There has been an obvious error made in the application of the Laws of the Game that directly affects the outcome of the match, and the referee admits it.

The center referee is in control of the match. Only the referee can reverse a call, prior to the restart of play. No board member or referee can change any call in a game. If the Referee Director, Referee Assignor, or senior referee are in attendance of a game and the center referee wishes to consult any of them for advice during a match that will be allowed. But none of these persons can make the call for the referee.

However there may be concerns about a referee's actions or behavior that a coach would like for BISA to address. The coach should complete a BISA Referee feedback form for the game, which can be found on BISA's web site and sent to the Referee Director.

The Referee Director shall investigate the situation and may involve the appropriate Age Group Commissioner and the VP. The investigation should involve the referee(s), the coach writing the report, the opposing coach, and any board member that was in attendance of the game.

Determination of the investigation can result in: 1. Re-education of the referee in situations where the referee shows consistent lack of knowledge of the Laws of the Game or how to apply the Laws correctly. 2. Mentoring the referee at that level of game or at a lower level game. 3. Reducing assignments to a lower level game until the referee is able to demonstrate appropriate calls. 4. Not allowing the referee to perform games for BISA

If the concern voiced is regarding the inappropriate behavior of the referee and is validated by the investigation, the BISA board shall be involved at the next meeting. In a closed session, the issue with the referee will be discussed. Outcomes can vary from a reprimand, retraining, the board deciding to no longer utilize the referee for BISA games or reporting the situation to North Texas Soccer.

If the board decides that it is a case of Referee Misconduct, BISA will contact North Texas and have them address the situation. Per North Texas' By-laws (3.11.8) Misconduct of Referees When any referee is alleged to have committed misconduct toward any participant, spectator of a match or toward another referee, the State A&D Committee will hear such allegations and assess punishment concerning the Referee in regard to his activities.

BISA Referee Financial Docs

These are the 2 documents we need all referees to hand in to Reese Hallak, Ginger Mayfield or Rodney Chappell before they ref so they can get paid.  Thanks.

Download Authorization Form
Download W9 Tax Form

BISA Adult Soccer Program Referee Instructions


  • Arrive a minimum 20 minutes prior to the start of the game
  • Dressed in proper uniform (different jersey color than either team)
  • Ready to start pre-game check-in
  • Each AR checks in a team and obtains a filled in game sheet from the referee room.  It needs to have the date, time, field number, home & visitor team names, and roster of players for that team with player’s numbers listed.
  • If the team is the home team and their jerseys are the same color as the opponent, the manager is to locate the board member on duty to check out pennies if they do not have any.  Remind them they will need to leave a set of car keys when they check out the pennies.
  • Each player must individually check in with the AR presenting their BISA adult player card which has a color photo and player number on the back.
  • The AR will verify the ID belongs to the player presenting it and that player is listed on the roster, that the player number is on their jersey and is permanent (no marker or tape) and that the player is wearing shin guards covered by socks.  NO CARD, NO PLAY.
  • Any player arriving late must check in with the AR with their player ID prior to entering the game.


  • Games will start when each team has a minimum of 7 players.  The referee may start the clock while waiting on a team to reach 7 players, the manager with the game sheet or ID cards to arrive.
  • If a game starts with 7 players, there must be a maximum of 5 male field players,  a minimum of 1 female player, and a GK of either gender.
  • Keep up with play, run the field.
  • Enforce BISA’s adult rules
  • Allow water breaks as required or requested.  Time runs during a water break.
  • Slide tackling is not allowed.  The tackling player must be cautioned.  Slide tackling is going to the ground in close proximity to an opposing player that could reasonably result in contact.  Sliding in open space (such as prevent the ball from going out of bounds or to intercept a pass) is permissible.
  • This rule applies to goalkeepers; if they go to the ground, lead with their feet, and are close enough to make contact, they must be cautioned.
  • A PK must be taken by a woman. 
  • Scoring rules:

2 points for a goal scored by a woman during normal play or if the PK was awarded as the result of a woman being denied an obvious goal scoring opportunity.

1 point for a goal scored by a man or as the result of an own goal or a PK not called for a denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity by a woman.

  • The center referee will clearly indicate the number of points awarded after a goal is scored.
  • The maximum number of goals/points scored by an adult is outlined in the BISA Adult Rules.
  • A red card reduces the number of players of that gender by 1.


  • Complete game sheets with: score for each team and cautions/ejections are listed for the offender.  Game sheets are kept by the referees and turned into the folder in the referee hut.
  • Player ID cards are returned to the manager except for any player receiving a red card even if the red was for a second yellow card.  These ID cards are left with the game sheet in the folder.