Coach Resources

Fall 2017 Registration

Recreational registration is open online for all ages U4-adult.  Online registration will end July 31.  In person registration will be help at the Brick in Burleson on July 15 from 9 am-3 pm.  Coach registration for the fall will begin June 1.

How to Become A Referee

Information on how to become a referee is located on the Referees page under resources.

New Concession Stand Team

We have hired a new concession stand team after Mr. Bill retired.  They are great and look forward to serving us.  They would also love feedback from parents whether good or concerns.  The person running it is Donna Stephens and her email address is  Thanks.

Concession Stand Price List:

Food Items:  Nachos $3.50; Hot Dog $2.50; Frito Pie $3.00; Corn Dog $2.50; Hot Link $3.00; Sausage/Egg Biscuit $3.00; Sausage/Egg Croissant $3.00; PBJ Sandwich $2.00

**Cheese $0.50; Chili $0.50

Snacks: All $1.00-Slim Jim, ICEE, Chips, Cookies, Crackers, Seeds, Pickle, Popcorn

Candy: All $1.00-Kit Kat, Snickers, Peanut M&M, Plain M&M, Reese's, Twix, Baby Bottle Pop, Push Pop, Starburst, Skittles

Air Heads $0.25; Ring Pop $0.75; Donuts $1.50; Honey Buns $1.50; Muffins $1.50

Drinks: $2.00-Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite;  $1.50-Water, Tea, Juice;  $2.50-Powerade;  $3.50-Energy Drinks

Cup of Ice $0.50; Tea Refills $0.50

Weather Permitting $1.50-Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Tickets: $1.50-Juice and Small Chips OR Juice and 2 Air Heads;  $2.00-Soda and any $1.00 menu item

Field Marshal Schedule


We are trying to make your child's playing experience as enjoyable as possible at our new complex.  Due to the size and shape of the complex, we have started a field marshal program.  This is very important for everyone's safety at the complex.  Each team has been assigned a maximum of 2 time slots to have a representative from their team help us out.  The field marshals are there to report to the board members on duty at the complex if they see an injury or heated situation that needs the board members attention that we might not be able to see.  Field Marshals may also be asked directions at the complex.  They are given a walkie-talkie along with a field map and a schedule of that day's games to provide the help we are needing.  We are just needing some extra sets of eyes to help us watch for anything that might need a board member's attention.  The schedule for this season is below.  Please look to see when your player's team is assigned and consider how your family can help with this very important assignment.

Download Field Marshal Schedule

Playing Rules

Below are the rules or Laws of the Game for the specific age groups.  You can click to see your players rules.

Download U4
Download U5-U8
Download U9 and Older

Spring 2017 Helpful Information

In person registration: January 14 at the Brick on Summercrest from 9 am-4 pm-we can make copies of birth certificates as well

Online registration ends: January 27

Last day to guarantee your player return to their Fall 2016 team: January 27

Team formation weekend of January 28/29

Late Registration begins January 30 by commissioner approval only-must have each player's commissioner's approval to register.  U4-U6 Boys  U4-U6 Girls  U7-U19 Boys  U7-U19 Girls

Coaches Meeting: February 4-coaches receive rosters and can begin calling players to set up practice; all players need to be contacted for practices to begin; they may use phone calls or emails so please check "junk" or "spam" after this date

No contact from coach by February 18, please email your age group commissioner listed above

Uniforms-all new or redrafted youth players will receive a jersey, pair of shorts and pair of socks to be delivered to the coach by the commissioners upon arrival (usually 7-10 days before the season starts), returning players to the same team from the Fall season will use the uniforms given out prior to the fall season. 

Schedules will be posted on this website under the schedules tab no later than February 27

Games Begin March 4 and run thru May 14; rain out games will be rescheduled within 72 hours; games can be rescheduled thru out the season so please check the schedules weekly for your player's game

We will not have games March 11-12 for Spring Break and April 15-16 for Easter.

Players must wear shin guards under the socks to play; Cleats are not required, but recommended; Football or Baseball cleats with the toe cleat are not allowed; Ball sizes are U4-U8 size 3, U9-U12 size 4, U13 and above size 5

NO JEWELRY is allowed during the game, all earrings must be removed prior to the game

New Concussion Rules

Please read the new concussion rules put out by North Texas Soccer attached below.

Referees do have the authority to send a player off the field for a head injury and a note from a physician stating the player is free of concussion will be needed before the player can play.  This does mean the player will not be allowed to come back into the game they are removed from as well as any games following without the note from a physician.

Download Concussion Protocol

Recreational Player Association Change

All players that do not live within the Burleson ISD will need to fill out the online form to change their member association each fall, even if you have played for BISA in the past and not had to complete this form.  If your player did not play in the fall, they will need to fill it out for the spring season.  The website to do that is:

We've added a direct link to this website under the "Links" tab.

All players that need to fill this out will be receiving an email from Julie Mason.

Your "new" association will be Burleson, but your "current" association is NOT BURLESON.  Your player's current association will be listed on the email, but is usually along school district lines.  Most players will fall under Crowley (Crowley ISD), Fort Worh (Fort Worth ISD), and Cleburne (Cleburne, Alvarado, Joshua, Keene, Godley ISDs).

If you have any questions, you may email Julie Mason at