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Coaches and Parents 

If you would like to support your team, please visit the Team Spirit Store on on "Links" tab to order spirit gear directly from Challenger. 

Parent Page!!!

We have a great Parents Page under the resources tab with loads of information to keep you informed of all the happenings with BISA.  Also, please check your email periodically through out the season.  BISA does communicate with our membership thru email and we don't want you to miss something if you don't check your email regularly.

Coaches Meeting Fall 2018

We have 2 meeting for the coaches this season.  August 4 and August 11 (make-up meeting), .  We need all coaches to attend one of these meetings, regardless of if you have your roster or not.

US Soccer Grassroots Coaching Clinics/Licensing

BISA is committed to ensuring our kids receive the best soccer education possible as well as having tons of fun. We are also committed to giving coaches the resources they need to be successful and have a fun time coaching as well. BISA offers a reimbursement program for any registered coach to begin working towards obtaining a Grassroots license from US Soccer. The Grassroots license requires coaches to take 4 classes; 4 v 4, 7 v 7, 9 v 9 and 11 v 11 to obtain a license. BISA will reimburse any coach who wishes to take any of these US Soccer courses for the full cost of tuition.

For more information please contact Ky Stafford, Coaching Director at

Field Marshal Schedule

The field marshal sign up is online this season.  The sign up form is under the resources tab and then forms.  All field marshal duties will be done at the Summercrest Complex.  We are asking teams to sign up for 1 time slot for the season.  Teams that do not sign up voluntarily will be assigned a time slot by the BISA board.  We do ask that an adult representing the team come check in with a board member between the concession stands and restroom at the team's appointed time.  Failure to participate in field marshal duty will result in the team losing participation trophies in the U5-U6 age groups or 3 points deducted from the team's standing for U7 and above.

Practice Field Schedule


This schedule will start the week of August 27 for those coaches that helped out at field work day and September 4th for all teams at our Dobson Street Complex.  Please be considerate to the teams before or after your practice to start and end promptly.  Fields will not open before 5:00 and will close no later than 7:45 each night.  

Download Monday
Download Tuesday
Download Wednesday
Download Thursday

Playing Rules

Click below to see the Laws of the Game for the age groups. 

Download U4
Download U9 and Up
Download U5-U8

Coach / Manager Registration

Sign up to coach for the season. You have to do this every season you want to coach. We use GotSoccer to process the applications for coaches. You must have a GotSoccer account. If you don't have an account, sign up for one. If you do have one and can't remember your login credentials, contact us. If you are ready to apply to coach for the season, REGISTER HERE

If you are having problems with page 2 of the registration, it is most likely the red check box at the bottom right of the coach code of conduct.  That box has to be the last thing you check on that page agreeing to abide by the code of conduct before you move to the next page.  Please take the time to read the code of conduct and not just click the box to move forward.

The background check is the last page of the online registration.  If you did not submit that page, you can follow the directions below.  All background checks now expire on June 1 and a new background check will have to be done if yours was approved before June 1.

In order to do a background check, log into your GotSoccer account at

- In the gray bar, click on the link called 'Background Checks'
- Click on the button called 'Submit New Report'
- Enter your information and click 'Submit'
- It will take a few hours for the report to come back with a result. If you are approved, we can then put you in the coaching pool for a team. If you are not approved, we cannot have you as a volunteer. We are not made aware of why you weren't approved, just that you are not approved by the North Texas State Soccer Association.

New Concussion Rules

Please take a few minutes and read the new concussion rules put out by North Texas Soccer attached below.

Download Concussion Protocol

MPA Playing Rules

Please review the following Playing Rules and guidelines for our playing league.

Download MPA Playing Rules
Download Mansfield Technical Area

Team Game Plan Forms

These forms are intended to help coaches have a plan for the beginning of the game and substitutions.  The U4-U7 just lists U5-6 at the top, but can be used from U4 thru U7.  The U9-U10 can be used for U8 as well with the halve at 22 minutes and a size 3 ball.

Download U4-U7 Age Group
Download U8-U10 Age Group
Download U11-U12 Age Group
Download U13 and Up Age Groups

US Youth Soccer Practice Plans

The practice plans are put together by US Youth Soccer for differing age groups.  The information helps guide you thru several practices with sessions and advice.  Please feel free to use this to improve or change up your practices if you are an existing coach or to get things started if you are a new coach.  Please remember BISA does play with some modified rules for some of the age groups.  Those modified rules can be found under our Rules and Bylaws tab.

Download U5-U8 Age Group
Download U9-U10 Age Group
Download U11-U12 Age Groups

Expectations for a BISA Coach

The coach of a team sets the attitude of everyone around them. This includes the players, parents and spectators. As the coach "the leader of the team" your responsibility is to provide a positive environment in which the children can learn and develop. The lessons that they learn extend beyond the child's soccer skills.

They include how to deal with conflict and how to demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during and after the game. BISA expects the coach to lead by example and do their very best to provide a positive soccer experience for their team. Please keep this in mind when interacting with players, parents, referees and the opposing team.

Addressing the Referees During the Game

Please do not address the refs during the game (see the September 20, 2005 Coach Memo regarding misconduct and dissent). If you have a problem, concern, or are upset with a call, discuss it with a board member or referee director, not with the referee. They are human and are going to flub a few just like each of our teams will flub a few during the course of a game. Talk to a board member about it and the ref can be educated in the proper manner (or the rules will be explained to us, which is quite often the case).

Coach Mantras

  1. Primary focus on "development", not "winning" - subtle difference but very important.  Winning is desirable of course, but making it your primary focus, especially your primary short-term focus, will most likely lead to bad decisions in your training program and game execution (see "don't teach anything you have to undo later" below).

  2. Maximum touches on the ball during training sessions - make sure your practice plan leads to as many touches on the ball as possible.  This can be accomplished by separating the players into smaller groups during drills or by designing your practice to include drills and games that force many touches on the ball.  This is the primary reason NTX has moved to the small-sided game format.

  3. Don't teach anything you have to undo later - for instance, many coaches of the younger players put their players in a defensive "wall" on the opponents kickoff - an alignment that will never be formed when they grow older (maybe in futsal).  Instead, teach them to spread out on the kickoff and cover the critical defensive areas.  Otherwise, at some point down the line you'll have to teach them to cover the space, hence undoing what you taught them earlier.  Another example would be a coach of the younger players putting a single player in front of the opponents goal with instructions to "wait for the ball" - and leaving the player in that position during the entire game.  On down the line you'll have to undo this practice and teach that player how to stay "onside" and how to "make runs to the goal", hence undoing what you previously instructed.


Referee Feedback Form

Below is the link to print out a referee feedback form.  The referee director will use these forms that are turned in to help train referees on areas they may need to work on and also praise referees that are doing a great job.  Please remember our referees are just people and can make mistakes they can learn from, but also get a confidence boost when they hear coaches thought they did a good job.